We are proud to present the new and unique ‘Carbon Footprint’ platform. This platform will calculate the carbon emissions or ‘Carbon Footprint’ for a number of different products. It allows to input data along entire supply chains: agricultural production, local and international transport and on as well as off-productionsite (local or international) processing. Before first logging-in, please sign-up in order to set your password.

This full functioning prototype platform is intended offer free access to all the producers and processors of to be used. Our Carbon Footprint platform aims to analyze and sum up different forms of CO2 emissions related with the supply chains of 8 different crops. The platform will therefore allow small- medium sized farmers assess their production, energy emissions, and therefore assessing their direct impact on climate change. This will then enable companies to evaluate where carbon emissions can be lowered, saving costs and how all areas of business practice can be made sustainable, benefiting all actors in the supply chain.

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